"We are developing Colorado's next generation of community leaders who will contribute to the strength and vitality of the state now and in the future."

–Ryan Heckman, CoChairman, QF

QF's Breakfast Enrichment and Inspiration Series at the Governor's Mansion
Scott Reiman, George Solich, John Elway, Audrey Kinsman and Rich Kinsman
David Greenberg and QF colleagues

In 1999, QF was founded to convene thought leaders and provide a place for developing executives to dream more, learn more, do more and become more. QF recently expanded its mission in leadership development to include The Leaders Initiative, which works at the intersection of the public, private and nonprofit sectors to increase engagement between business leaders and public service.

We believe that special things happen when leaders from diverse backgrounds, industries and organizations engage in unique programs that are provocative and intellectually enduring: valuable relationships are created, we learn and we are inspired to do bigger things in our companies and community. By fostering strong ties among the business, government and nonprofit sectors, QF supports leaders bound by professional ambition and a commitment to their community.

QF is a nonpartisan and by-invitation membership-based community that represents diverse industries including healthcare, energy, agriculture, private equity, nonprofits, professional service providers, restaurants, consumer products and services, hospitality, real estate, building products, media, technology and telecom. Members range from young executives to our Vanguard Members, who are at the pinnacle of their careers.

QF Innovation Lounge at the Commons on Champa

The Commons on Champa is a public campus for entrepreneurship and a gathering place for business builders and innovators. Every year, numerous QF members build upon their successful careers by pivoting from large company roles to entrepreneurial endeavors.

Co­Chairs Ryan Heckman and Erik Mitisek underwrote and led the creation of the “QF Innovation Lounge” at the Commons on Champa in partnership with the City of Denver, Downtown Denver Partnership and the Colorado Technology Association. The QF Innovation Lounge connects QF members directly to the entrepreneurial community and opens new avenues and connections among investors, mentors and programming that stimulate creativity and create new opportunities to turn ideas into successful new companies.