Thrives Here


Who We Are

We are a community of leaders. Quarterly Forum has a fifteen year history of providing a place for emerging executives to dream more, learn more, do more and become more.

QF's Breakfast Enrichment and Inspiration Series at the Governor's Residence

Our members range from young executives all the way up to our Vanguard Members who are at the pinnacle of their careers – we are bound by our professional ambition and commitment to the community.  QF is a non-partisan leadership organization and our members represent diverse industries including healthcare, energy, agriculture, private equity, professional service providers, restaurants, consumer products and services, hospitality, real estate, building products media, technology and telecom.

Pictured Above: David Greenberg and QF colleagues

Special things happen when leaders from diverse backgrounds, industries, and organizations engage in unique programs that are provocative and intellectually enduring.  Valuable relationships are created, we learn, and we are inspired to do bigger things in our companies and community. 

Quarterly Forum is an invite only organization and limited to 100 member individuals and organizations. 

What We Do

We aim to provide programs and experiences that matter.

Our core Breakfast Programs focus on three thought-provoking themes: Business, Politics and Culture.  Together with exceptional speakers, we explore issues and current events that are affecting commerce, our state and our nation.  Attendance is limited to 75 people to ensure opportunities for intimate engagement and discussion.

Our small group events are limited to 20 members and include Group Discussions featuring a special guest or topic, the Woman’s Leadership Dinner for executive women, and the Annual Ski Day at Vail.  Each of these memorable events offer an opportunity to build closer relationships with fellow members and engage in a more intimate setting.

Pictured Above: Scott Reiman, George Solich, John Elway, Audrey Kinsman and Rich Kinsman

We also celebrate together.  Several events throughout the year, including our Annual Holiday Party, connect alumni, current members, public servants and other community leaders as we celebrate leadership and our shared interest in the health of our great state.

When you participate in Quarterly Forum events, you will be amongst members of our community that are making a difference. You will learn.  You will grow.  You will be inspired.

What We Stand For


QF’s Vanguard Members provide mentorship and inspiration as they participate alongside our members in programs and in the community. Vanguard Members represent the very best of Colorado’s business, civic and art communities and are committed to investing in the next generation of executive leaders.


We also celebrate our public servants that lead and manage our communities and our collective opportunity to strengthen our state’s health and vitality through civic engagement. Founding members, Mike Fries and Scott Reiman are examples of business leaders who have done amazing things professionally and jump at opportunities to improve our community – QF promotes this sense of citizenship.

Pictured Above: Ryan Heckman, Governor John Hickenlooper, Valentina Nunez, Federico Pena

Cultivating Talent

We believe that there is a difference between talent and leadership and our programming and engagement model bridges this gap.  QF members are committed to the growth of themselves, their companies and the community.  Take a look at our Alumni and Vanguard Members – we are proud of their success and inspired by their significance in our community.


We are grateful for our Chairman Circle sponsors who are true stewards of Quarterly Forum.  They have aligned their organizations around our mission and we are deeply appreciative for their support.  We are grateful for our Vanguard Members who take pride in their role as community leaders and have graciously committed their time to participate in our programs alongside our members, and we are grateful to the companies that support our members' participation.  We thank you.

Giving Back

We invest our financial surplus (membership dues less expenses) back into the community.  Our members take pride in providing scholarships to college students who otherwise could not afford an education, and we partner with local area high schools and other organizations to make sure we are providing ‘break out’ funding for young people with need, potential and aspiration.