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Since 1999, Quarterly Forum has been a community leadership development organization.  Together with McKinsey & Co’s Denver Office and McKinsey Academy, McKinsey & Comapny's global hub for leadership development, we have identified a need in Colorado for an efficient and impactful leadership development program that can be offered to executives and managers who want to take their game to the next level and become connected with other peers who are also active in their community.

The McKinsey Academy @ QF is a program like no other. Through a 9-month leadership journey, participants will be challenged to think bigger, look deeper, and transform their leadership skills. McKinsey Academy @ QF is an exclusive, invitation-only leadership development program for select Colorado community leaders, designed to bring together highly qualified executives and managers with holistic interests in the public, private and nonprofit sectors. 

Participants will complete a comprehensive online leadership curriculum, connect with some of the region’s top CEOs and receive individualized mentorship and coaching. In addition, participants will have access to the larger Quarterly Forum community and programs.

We are excited to bring this exclusive program to our members and look forward to growing into dynamic business and community leaders.  

"No hyperbole–this course has been transformational for me"

–McKinsey Program Management Participant

Leadership Courses

  • Courses from McKinsey Academy’s signature McKinsey Management Program (MMP)
  • Experience includes self-paced learning online, group projects and social learning

Leadership Huddles

  • Learnings from top CEOs
  • Peer Connections
  • Mentorship

QF Membership

  • Enriching Programs
  • Nexus of business, non-profit and public sectors
  • Exclusive community